Visual stories

Time Jumps Bucharest

Article by Gerlinde Schuller

Jump with me through time and discover how Romania’s capital has changed over the last 70 years.

I see something you don’t see

Interview with Dragoș Alexandru
by Gerlinde Schuller

Alexandru has lived in Bucharest for 20 years now and enjoys documenting situations that happen quietly, in passing. His photo shots of the city seem timeless.

The sound of silence was exactly the same a hundred years ago

Short story by Gerlinde Schuller

In a combination of short story and historical images a narrative unfolds about six generations of women. Their roots lie in Transylvania, Romania and go back to the 12th century.

Not my real name

Article by Gerlinde Schuller

Johnny Weissmuller, better known as ‘Tarzan’, was a Banat Swabian and one of many German-Romanian migrants who left Romania in the last 150 years.

Can we stay or must we go?

Visual article
by Gerlinde Schuller

Ellis Island, a historic facility in New York, US, served as an immigration station from 1892 to 1954. It is estimated that nearly 40% of all US citizens today can trace at least one of their ancestors back to Ellis Island.

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